Armidale to Brisbane, April 22, 2015

Armidale conditions were a cold 6 degrees, foggy, overcast and mizzle as we departed.


Up onto the New England Tableland proper, and conditions grew considerably foggier.


The drive through the town of Glencoe was colourful with a lovely display of autumn leaves.


How we longed for blue sky and sunshine when we crossed the border into Queensland.


However, it was a little north of Stanthorpe before we were treated to sun and blue sky – the first we had seen since leaving Lachlan, Tasmania last Saturday morning.  We have driven 2,000 kilometres in rain!


It was a joy to stop for lunch in the park in Warwick with the warm sun on our backs.  The Darling Downs is look resplendent with the black soil plains under crop.


Back in very familiar territory for us we enjoy the trundle down off Cunningham’s Gap to the glorious sound of the gentle call of Bell Birds!


Our Tom Tom Navigation Device “James” successfully guides us across Brisbane (how it has changed since we left ten years ago) ending each of his instructions with a catch-cry of “Too easy mate”!

IMG_0401How quickly that rain and fog fades as we and our little Avan sit at rest beside glorious Moreton Bay, lapping up the warmth and sunshine and looking forward to dining tonight with our son Liam, his wife Brooke and their three gorgeous boys.


Moreton Bay with Glasshouse Mountains in background


Moreton Bay Yacht Club

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