Hervey Bay, Queensland – May 5, 2015


Since arriving in Hervey Bay last Friday, in torrential rain, the weather has abated and we have enjoyed ideal weather conditions here on the Fraser Coast.  Staying with our younger son Tim and his family, we await the imminent birth of Tim and Jodie’s new baby son.


Our grand-daughters have kept us totally occupied and we had the joy of spending a lovely three day weekend with the visit of our older son Liam and his family.  Our entire family spent many happy hours on the beaches of Hervey Bay swimming and playing on the sand.  Jodie is doing her utmost to convince the baby to join us with long walks on the beach and building a sand castle city for the children.

Feeding the turtles, ducks and eels in the local lake was a huge hit with our grand-daughters and grand-sons – they went through four loaves of bread!

IMG_0521 IMG_0536

IMG_0553 IMG_0563


Having the whole family together in one place gives Dallas and I such pleasure, especially to see the grandchildren all playing and laughing together.



Each day we wonder if the new baby will be born – but, as we all know too well, babies have a mind of their own!  More news on that front soon, we hope!

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