Hervey Bay to Moreton Bay – May 16, 2015


Sugar cane – Maryborough

This morning Tim brought Jodie and new baby son Jackson home from hospital before Dallas and I departed from Hervey Bay.  It was not easy to leave with having had so little time with baby Jackson, but at least we have counted all his toes and fingers and know he is safe and healthy.  We left both Alexis and Mackenzie clucking around their new brother, although Alexis was beginning to show some signs of denial!  She is not too sure just what having a new baby in the house might mean. Southward bound once again through the sugar cane fields of the Maryborough district, and into the pineapple plantations and cattle country as we drive toward Scarborough and Moreton Bay to meet up with son Liam and his family before we depart Queensland tomorrow.



Can’t believe that we are passing through rain again as we drive through the Pomona area. However, it is a comfortable feeling to be travelling through areas of Queensland which we have grown up with and know so well.

More heartfelt goodbyes tonight as we farewell Liam, Brooke, Tait, Aidan and little Tynan.  It never becomes any easier to say goodbye, especially with the little ones.  Aidan and Alexis have both pleaded with me to take them home to Tasmania with us.

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