Armidale, Dubbo, Wodonga – May 19, 2015


Our departure from Armidale yesterday morning was wet, wet, wet.  We drove in and out of rain all day long en route to Dubbo.

IMG_0671 IMG_0675

We drove through vast plainlands of cattle country and enjoyed some magic cloud formations along the way.  Outside of Parkes the roadside was littered with cotton bolls – enough to make a spinner’s heart weep.  If only the driver would stop so I could collect a bag full!


Once again, it was with a sigh of relief that we reached our destination of Dubbo, home of the great Western Plains Zoo.  Tomorrow we are hoping to drive in finer conditions.

IMG_0715 IMG_0713


Today, Tuesday, began hopefully as we drove southward from Dubbo through cattle, sheep and cropping country which has benefited enormously from the rains which have fallen. The first rains were falling as we drove northward to Queensland  three weeks ago – at that time this country was dry and parched.  Pastures have been sown since those first rains fell and the new seed heads are looking beautifully green and healthy.


Road to Gundagai


Rainfall earlier this morning lies in the table drains alongside the road as we take the road “along the way to Gundagai”.

IMG_0730 IMG_0725

Unfortunately for us, just one hour north of today’s destination of Wodonga (Vic) we drove directly into a severe electrical storm. We were engulfed in the storm for a distance of 20 kilometres. The rain became so torrential at one point that we were forced to pull off the highway and sit it out as visibility became negligable.  Once we were back on the road, just a little further along, we saw large patches of ice beside the highway and were thankful that we had missed the hail.

We rest in Wodonga tonight and can only hope for better driving weather tomorrow!

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  1. I love the Amazing clouds


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