Hedley to Lachlan – May 23/24, 2015


The road home begins on the South Gippsland Highway as we drive toward Melbourne, St Kilda and the Spirit of Tasmania.  Temperatures here in South Gippsland are low and the feel of winter is definitely upon us.


Good old Melbourne – lots of traffic even on the weekend.  It is comforting to see the faces of St Kilda and to know that we are close to Bass Strait and the journey home.


Sunday morning and we offload in Devonport.  Winter certainly has arrived here in Tasmania with a temperature of -6 degrees from Devonport to Campbelltown.  The landscape is so magnificently beautiful in a thick, sparkling coat of mega-frost.


As we drive into heavy fog it is possible to look into and photograph the face of the early morning sun – not often something one can do.


The full face of the rising sun above the Bass Highway – taken through morning fog

For us, the best sight of all after such a long journey is the final turn in the road to home in the wonderful hills of Lachlan.  Have to love living in Tasmania.


Moss Beds Road – the final turn in the road to home!

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