Uluru Base-walk and Uluru Sunset

As the sun rose this morning we begin a guided base-walk of Uluru.  Our guide imparts as much knowledge as he is permitted regarding spiritual sites on and around the rock, sacred sites and dreamtime stories – an insight into Uluru indigenous culture and law.

Uluru shimmering gold in the dawn light.


This base-walk confirms that Uluru is far from “just a rock” – the colours, formations and structure of the rock are stunning and many.  A surprise appears around every bend in the track.  Many erosion sites on the rock form the basis of dreamtime stories.  There are numerous cave-like cavities in the rock both high and low – Uluru is 360 metres in height and presents a dramatic monolith.  The base-walk covers approximately 11 km and is definitely an experience not to be missed.




This evening we take in a sunset viewing of Uluru – what a thrill to watch the colours of the rock change as the sun drops toward the horizon.  The atmosphere is electric – Uluru is a powerful influence across the landscape.  One can not help but feel the power and spirit of the place.  I am so glad to be in this place experiencing the wonder.


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